Collection THE FIFTH ELEMENT/ 5 Reproductions

Collection from Paintings & Music project Time for love

Elemental collection describes the restoration of the balance in the basic energy formula - energy intake and dispensing.

The individual intuitive paintings of the collection have a connection to the color spectrum of the basic elements - water, fire, air, ether.

The fifth painting is Amorousness - the love that completes everything and shows the correct direction of all the changes that are coming.

The collection includes:

Reproduction PRE-MOTHER (Water), size 150/100 cm,
Reproduction LOVERS IN FIRE (Fire), size 150/100 cm,
Reproduction GIRL WITH SEASHELL (Air), size 100/100 cm,
Reproduction GALACTIC KISS (Ether), size 100/100 cm,
Reproduction AMOROUSNESS (the love), size 50/50.

Reproduction is customized by the author with a "tailor-made" luminescent color so it lights up at night.

Author: Hany Antoninova
Material: Handmade quality canvas, frame edge width 4 cm.

165,000.00 Kč